EHS Auditing and ESA
A warning sign for an audit, such as EHS Auditing and ESA

EHS Auditing and Environmental Site Assessments

Besides auditing to assure certification to an ISO or EMS standard, there are other reasons to assess your facility through a third-party auditing process.

  • Compliance
  • Compliance + corporate standards
  • Diagnose root cause for poor performance
  • Training
  • Continuous improvement
  • Make sure people do what they are supposed to…so you keep out of trouble

D-E-C provides a variety of auditing or assessment services. We work with a network of consultants to assure the person or team who performs your audit has the expertise you need.

Assessment of Third-Party Working on Facility Parts

Third party operations such as painting, plating, machining, empty drum management, etc. can create liability for the company contracting for the operation, if it is performed in a manner that is noncompliant with regulations. For example, a paint shop that disposes of solvents and paints incorrectly and that has limited resources may make the contracting facility liable for any cleanup costs. D-E-C can perform an assessment of the contracted facility to ensure liability is at a minimum.

Confidential Proprietary EHS Compliance Assessments

Auditing to a Standard is expensive. Sometimes, a facility may just want an independent third-party assessment of their EHS programs. D-E-C designs these assessments to fit client needs. They may cover one EHS aspect like hazardous waste or may be a comprehensive evaluation of all EHS aspects and management systems. Most states have a self-audit policy that will allow facilities to conduct an assessment and voluntarily disclose audit findings to the regulatory agency to minimize penalties for non-intentional violations. An industry does not have to follow the state’s self-audit policy. Documents may be kept internal. In some cases, findings of regulatory violations are required to be disclosed by law. This is where state self-audit policies can help.


D-E-C is available to perform property environmental site assessments (ESA). As a firm we partner with Hyde Environmental, Inc. for this work. Hyde is an excellent firm that has performed hundreds of Phase 1 and Phase 2 ESA’s. Please visit their website for details. Standards used are:

Phase I/Phase 1 Property Environmental Site Assessment per ASTM 1527-2021 (collaboration with Hyde Environmental Inc.)

Phase II/Phase 2 Property Environmental Site Assessment per ASTM E1903-19 (collaboration with Hyde Environmental Inc.)