About D-E-C
About D-E-C

About Douglas Environmental Consulting

Douglas Environmental Consulting is here to assist small to medium businesses to wade through the depth of environmental, health, and safety regulations at the federal and state and local levels. Many businesses may have a safety professional, but they are often saddled with the environmental program because it seems to “fit.” Because of the different regulatory aspects of environmental rules, this may prove difficult to handle. This does not mean the safety professional is not on the ball, but often when something as complex as environmental regulations are tossed into the mix of job responsibilities, things can get overwhelming. Many small companies cannot afford to have a safety or environmental professional on staff to monitor compliance. They may only interface with federal or state officials every few years. When the state regulatory agencies show up, what is a small business to do? Cooperate and speak honestly. Build trust. This will often allow non-compliance situations to be settled in an amicable way. But then what?

It is better to be prepared in advance for regulatory inspections. D-E-C can assist in this effort. We bring over 40 years of experience in industrial EHS compliance to bear on any problem. We can interface with the regulatory agencies and negotiate optimal outcomes when inspections turn up non-compliance issues. Better yet is to have on-site third-party visits prior to a local or state inspection. D-E-C can assist in all phases of EHS to assess compliance and regulatory needs. Give us a call about your situation. No cost for phone consultations. We are a low overhead, highly experienced firm that can provide businesses economic value in difficult economic times.

D-E-C can also respond quickly to a business’s needs. We are available 24/7, and by clear communication and by asking the right questions, we can get to the heart of many EHS issues in a short time. Of course, where a permit or response to a regulatory agency may be required, the time for resolution is dictated by the agency. A quick response to these agency requirements acknowledging the agency’s concern can go a long way in resolving a noncompliance situation without penalty.

Many firms are distrustful of regulatory agencies and are reluctant to contact them. D-E-C has found that agency contact is often the bedrock of solving problems without penalty. Agencies do not want to penalize companies trying to do the right things.